Get a Personalized Critique! We all want to get better. Even the judges for this contest are constantly striving to improve their quality, sharpness and editing styles. This Personalized Critique is geared towards anyone, whether you've entered the contest or not! If you just want to learn how you're doing, what you could do better and where we see the quickest way for you to improve, this is something that could be incredibly helpful to your growth as a storm photographer. How it Works:
  • Your photos will be studied and critiqued
  • The judge's screen and audio will be recorded as they provide feedback on every image and your portfolio as a whole
  • A personalized video will be sent to you/uploaded unlisted to our YouTube Channel
  • At this time, the critique will be done by Mike, but we plan to add others down the road to allow you to choose which judge will do this.
  • For now, we will be limiting the number of critiques ordered to 20
  • When we receive your order, we will contact you to discuss anything we might need.
If you want your critique to be based on the images you entered into the contest, then you are good to go! If you want to add images or haven't submitted to the contest and just want to send us up to 10-15 photos to look at, please use our WeTransfer Portal below to upload: