Our first major milestone in our Photo of the Year award, the Top 30! It was quite the task narrowing down the hundreds of entries we received to these 30 incredible images but we did it and hope you enjoy! Please watch the video above for the full critique and commentary on all the photos by Mike and Nick.

Congratulations to everyone who made the Top 30, we are stoked to share these and cannot wait to present the Top 10 next week!


Tanner Schaaf

Michael Morgan

Anita Oakley

Nicola Pirondini

Bernard Geraghty

David Baxter III

Nenah Demunster

Christophe Asselin

Gary Hershorn

Serge Zaka

Nate Nelson

Joseph Hawks

Mark Mondier

Melanie Metz

Craig Boehm

Will Eades

David Mayhew

Maxime Daviron

Scott Peake

Danijel Palčić

George Paraskevaides

Julien Stephant

Baptiste Monterroso

Dustin Freeman

Matt Stanman

Kristy Sharkey